Memex Automation Delivers Real-Time Shop Floor Data to Héroux-Devtek

Original article posted in SBW!RE. Link to original article here.

While many systems say they automate shop floor data collection, Memex Automation does it automatically, directly and in real-time. Operator bar code scanning of work order status and keying in part counts, reject counts, reject classifications and down time reason codes are all inefficient and prone to error.

According to John Rattray, a senior executive with Memex Automation, “Success with Memex Products and Services uniquely increases efficiency to monitor and control machine tools. We are delighted to share immediate visibility of production status and comprehensive data collection to Héroux-Devtek which realize a competitive advantage. Memex Automation understands the need to be more competitive – by automating the information flow companies can manage productivity.”

Sébastien Caron, Plant Manager with Héroux-Devtek raved about Memex Automation noting, “Our biggest differentiator is productivity. We had passive OEE and now we have active OEE (overall equipment effectiveness.) The key to better productivity is not just to track performance, but to act on problems in real-time. We now have a tool to communicate to the people on the shop floor that our performance can improve. Customers can see and believe in what we’re doing to improve on time delivery. The OEE data provided improves human as well as machine-to-machine communications. We believe we can use Memex Automation data to motivate employees with a shared understanding of how we can be more productive, and that’s what it’s all about.”